Helping Create Your Financial Plan

Each of us has a different vision of what it means to be financially secure, and your vision is likely to change throughout your lifetime – when you begin your career, start a family, educate your children and enter retirement.  Ralph Stockemer can help you create a personalized financial plan that has a firm foundation in your beliefs and addresses your hopes for the future.

But achieving financial security takes more than creating a comprehensive plan; you also have to take action on your plan, and evaluate and adjust it over time.  Together, we’ll create a timeline to help protect you and your family now, and execute the steps necessary to respond to whatever life brings.

Building Your Financial Plan Pyramid of Needs

Ralph Stockemer follows a disciplined three-stage planning process to help clients, including business owners, physicians and entrepreneurs, prepare for the future.

Risk Management: protecting the things you value and could least afford to lose; It's your foundation for all planning.  As the foundation of the pyramid, the Risk Management stage is where lifetime financial security begins. Each person’s Financial Pyramid is only as strong as its foundation.  Pyramid of Needs

Wealth Accumulation: planning to achieve your financial goals including education for your children, the lifestyle you choose and your retirement dreams.     Expert guidance can help you build your overall portfolio. We also believe in the value asset allocation, the foundation of a diversified investment program. And finally we believe in the value of investment fundamentals, the basic principles such as getting an early start, investing regularly, and using dollar-cost averaging to help reduce market risk.

Wealth Preservation and Distribution:  evaluating your situation, the income you need for your retirement lifestyle, and the optimal way to pass along a legacy to your heirs. Make the most of your assets.Your plan may gradually reduce investment risk exposure to preserve assets while also generating enough retirement income to support your standard of living for as long as you live. Those assets that you feel you may not need in your lifetime can also help you to coordinate your estate, make lifetime and charitable gifts, and create or update your will and trusts.

The Six Risks That Can Impact Your Retirement

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